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Info Sheets

Fatalities in the Workplace

365bet体育We can do better Find out how regions around the world rank for workplace deaths and how lone worker monitoring technology can reduce those rates. View Infographic

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Lone Worker Safety — The Profitable Thing To Do

365bet体育How much is an employee’s life worth to your organization? Find out how your organization can reduce costs, save money and learn more about the ROI from investing in lone worker safety monitoring solutions. View Infographic

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How much is an employee’s life worth?

Check out this comparison between our Loner Complete program and the cost of a daily cup of coffee per employee.

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Employee Safety Monitoring Catalog

Check out our complete line of safety monitoring technology solutions in this new product catalog.

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Are manual check-in procedures enough?

Are manual check-in procedures enough? Find out now.

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Loner—Preparation is Half the Battle

Employees face risk every day from injury to possible health conditions and even assault. Are you prepared?

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Loner Complete Brochure

If you’re adopting safety monitoring for the first time or considering an upgrade of your existing work-alone process or solution, Blackline has you covered.

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